We do everything Iwe can to to take your idea in hands of users. From start to finish - we'll take your ideas and goals, and turn them into a finished product. With a focus on strong tech backend, marketing, intuitive functionality, and clean designs, you are sure to see your vision come to life. I also do help in online brand identity and design, but plain and simple .

We get you on the web.

Meet Our Team
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Anindya Sharma

Founder and Mentor

Anindya has around 11+ years of experince in product development with big companies like Adobe. He loves helping passionate persons to help realize thier tech ideas. Anindya is marketing grad from IIM Lucknow also loves conceptualizing and creating online brands.

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Amulya Sharma


Amulya has around 12 years of experince in enterprise software like IBM, Cisco and GE. He is working now as an independent consultant in San Frasisco and enabling the Fortune 500 companies in buildong thier cloud solutions.

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Next Mentor...

Yes, you can join us in mentoring the startup enthusiast.

Product Conceptualization and Server/Mobile Guidance

Taking your idea to next level and conceptualizing it as a full fledged product. Creating web/mobile tech infra for materializing the idea.

Iterative Approach to reach the Goal

Will take iterative approach for defining and creating the product. Step by Step addition will help validating the user behaviour and on the way improvise the product.

Levarage the web.

Correct Digital marketing of your prduct is the key for the success. uless your reach outto right users you wont startup. Our expertize in creating a coherent multidimensional digital marketing campaigns and running them at optimal costs will help you in achiving the goal.

Don't think. Just start up!

The video will show you some of the startup we have helped.

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Startups helped

Till now we have helped 12 passionate entreprenuers to help create and scale thier dreams.



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Mobile Apps

Recently started helping mobile app developers.

Our Services

We help you for the ever-changing tech and startup industry

Web Applications/Cloud Computing

We help creating in websites and web applications. Also help in creating the infrastucture on cloud via using following services.


Had specialize creating the E-commerce web portals by using many industry leading platforms.

Marketing + Strategy

We will help you creating the complete digital marketing strategy. Help you to find the right set of eyes for your product.

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Startup your idea in days!

Seriously it wont take more time than this in launching your idea and start gathering feedback from potential customers.

Create your own path.
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Book your seat in a bangalore pub :)
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Be your own devops.
A platform to share best devops practices.
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Out of Home screen advertising.
North India's growing out of home media startup.
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